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Player: Demothi
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: S2:E21
Alignment: Thras
Date of Entry: 08/17/2017
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Age: 14
Birthday: April 3
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Light brown
Height: approx 5'
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Contact: [ profile] demothi

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Princess Allura
Bridge Nocturne

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Player: Demothi
Contact: [ profile] demothi
Age: 29
Current Characters: Raphael - TMNT (apping this round)


Character: Pidge Gunderson, AKA: Katie Holt
Age: 14
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: Season 2 episode 21: Post learning Matt’s rescue, mid episode

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Pidge thinks she is a cute kid, though the idea of such a young kid being separated from her father makes the paladin quite frustrated. She feels a bit like an older sister to the kid at the moment.
Pidge has a hard time reading this girl, so she’s not entirely sure what to think of her. So far she hasn’t been bad, so she is going to see how things go from here.
Pidge finds him nice, and cute, in a way that reminds her a little of her brother. Jaune isn’t as nerdy as Matt but he seems just close enough that it is comforting to her right now.
Kaytu Esso
He is a robot, Pidge is in love. But on a serious note, she feels very comfortable around Kay, as it normal for her and technology, and he has been very kind to her so far.
Pidge... is a bit uncertain about him. He isn’t rude, or mean, per say, but he isn’t the kind of friendly she is used to. She’s willing to keep giving him a chance, so long as things don’t blow up on her for it.
Pidge has met him... but doesn’t know much about him, so she is preferring to stay neutral.
Pidge finds this girl very quirky and amusing, but she also respects the strong will that she seems to have. She is considering making a more friendly place for those who are young but don’t want to be dependent on other, with Louise.
Pidge finds him nice enough, and is glad that he wasn’t too proud to go back on the idea of her needing to go to an orphanage. She thinks that they could at least have healthy respect for each other as people with fighting experience.
Pidge finds him friendly enough, even though he claims to have been a part of an unsavory group before. She thinks he’s a lot better of a person than he even tries to seem.
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Jul. 4th, 2017 11:18 am
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Name: Demothi (No pronoun preference, all are welcome)
Contact Details: [ profile] demoth

Character Name: Pidge Gunderson AKA Katie Holt
Canon: Voltron Legendary Defender
Canon Point: Season 2, Post Episode 18
Type: Canon
Age: 14

History/Key Points:
Katie Holt was 13 when her father and older brother were set to go on a mission into space, destined for Kerberos, a moon of Pluto. She longed to join them, and was given an assurance by her father that one day she would do something great, something that would make everyone sit up and take notice.

Some time later the news showed a devastating headline. The crew of the Kerberos mission was lost, presumably due to pilot error. But something about this did not sit right for young Katie, it is not explained what makes her suspicious about the reasoning of a crash, but she is. And she manages to make her way into the office of a high ranking man in the Garrison, and reviewed all the information on the Kerberos mission, finding no signs of a crash.

Unfortunately she is caught and given no answers to her demands, and instead is banned from Garrison property.

One year later finds Pidge Gunderson, a communications expert, at the age of 14, on a team with possibly one of the worst fighter pilots in the Garrison and an engineer who gets motion sick. But Garrison is unaware that Pidge Gunderson, a male cadet, is actually Katie Holt in disguise, with hair cut short and glasses to help change their look.

It is while in the Garrison that Pidge turns his attention to the stars, looking for some sign of what might be out there... what could explain the missing members of the Kerberos mission. And one night, while listening to the sky, he is caught by his own teammates, Lance, the pilot, and Hunk, the engineer. Just when Pidge completes telling them about how he has been picking up alien frequencies, and that one word they keep repeating is ‘voltron’ they suddenly witness a ship from space entering the atmosphere, and crashing into the ground not that far from where they are.

By the time they arrive at the location the Garrison staff are already on location, and are examining a man that had been aboard the crashed ship... the pilot of the Kerberos mission. It is at Lance’s urging, and after Keith starts a rescue, that Pidge goes along to help. By the end of it, the whole group, Pidge, Lance, Hunk, Keith and Shiro, all end up at a shack Keith has been living in out in the desert, following a strange energy.

The energy turns out to be an element unknown on earth, but which, through Hunk’s engineering knowledge, they are able to make a geiger counter for and seek out. This leads them to a cave, where in Lance manages to activate a giant, robotic, blue lion. The whole group climbs into the cockpit, and soon thereafter it activates, and heads out of the atmosphere, reaching Kerberos in 6 seconds. There it creates a warp gate and takes all five humans to it’s recall location.

Finally stopping at large castle, which becomes known as the Castle of the Lions, it lets all five humans out, and they head into the castle proper. Inside they meet Allura, Princess of the Alteans, and Coran, the only other known surviving Altean. Both of whom had been in a cryogenic sleep for 10,000 years.

There they learn that the blue lion is only one of a set of five, that, when combined together, allow their pilots to form the ultimate force, Voltron, a legendary defender. Voltron was once a powerful tool for peacekeeping and liberation of oppressed people. But 10,000 years prior, a race called the Galra tried to take possession of Voltron. To prevent this, King Alfor, Allura’s father, separated the lions and hid them in various places, to keep the power of Voltron from falling into the hands of Zarkon, the leader of the Galra empire.

And Pidge is told he is the pilot of the green lion, who values a pilot who is intelligent and daring. Shiro and Pidge are sent to the planet where the green lion is hidden, and while on the way Shiro says something he was told before by Commander Holt, to encourage Pidge, though it is uncertain if he knows that he is telling Katie her own father’s words.

After regaining the green lion, and becoming its pilot, Pidge, along with Shiro and Keith, sneak aboard a Galra ship, so that Keith can find the red lion. Onboard Shiro realizes that this was a ship he had been held on, which prompts Pidge to go in search of Matt and their father, admitting the their relationship at that point.

Pidge finds neither of their lost father or brother, but instead other prisoners, that recognize Shiro as someone they call ‘Champion’. Once the mission is successful and they return to the castle, Pidge puts a lot of personal effort into seeing the prisoners recovered, hoping that they might have information on where Matt and commander Holt were.

Only the news they offer is terrible. One remembers very well, Shrio attacking Matt in a bloodlust rage before a gladiator fight, even injuring him. Through the pain of this revelation Pidge decides to go out to the downed ship, which the team, having formed Voltron, had taken down previously, and search its databanks for clues to where the two other humans had been taken. Shiro comes along with, his enhanced prosthetic from the Galra acting as a power source for the computer.

But before Pidge can get the data, Shiro is forced to drag them away, or else allow one of his team to be crushed by the space pod of a monstrous creature... one with a vendetta against Shiro. The monster turns out to be an enhanced version of the previous champion that Shiro had unseated in the gladiator matches.

It is as they are facing this monster that Shiro remembers the events of the day the prisoner had spoke of. And once the battle was over, he discussed the returned memories with Pidge. He had known Matt was terrified of fighting and he had seen one opportunity to get him out of that situation, so he’d attacked Matt, injuring him just enough that he wouldn’t be interesting in a gladiator match, and it made him go out to fight the champion first, rather than Matt.

Pidge comes to find out that the information they were able to download provided a general range of where they could start their search for their father and brother. Deciding to use this information they announce their intention to leave the team and set out on their own, to search for their captive family members. The disagreement this announcement causes is cut short by an explosion, which cripples the castle’s power system.

It turns out the event also causes Lance to get gravely injured, but with the castle out of power the group is unable to heal him. Pidge sends Coran and Hunk off to get what is needed to get the castle up and running again. While separated from the others Pidge becomes trapped in the castle with the Galra who are taking it over, but avoids getting captured, which is what happens to Shiro and the unconscious Lance.

With the help of Allura, Pidge begins to do everything possible to not only defeat the Galra, but also open the castle once more so that Keith and Allura can help to reclaiming their home. During all of this Pidge faces down an enemy who is killed by Pidge’s own actions, and even manages to incapacitate another enemy by destroying their prosthetic arm. There is also a moment during this time that they realize that they have not always been full support to their team, and make the commitment to give the team their full support.

After they manage to not only reclaim the castle, get it up and running once more, and Lance is healed from his injuries, Pidge announces the fact that they are, in fact, a girl. This comes as no surprise to anyone but Lance, who is the only one who shows any shock at learning this.

While the group heads to a Balmera, which is where Coran and Hunk had gotten the power source for the castle, Pidge dedicated her time to installing a cloaking device on the Green Lion that allows her to hide her presence in the field for a time. She uses this when they reach the Balmera, to help with the efforts in locating not only their enemies, but the Balmerans that are in need of their help.

After the Balmera is saved, and a tragedy occurs in which Allura must sacrifice the last piece connecting her to her father, Alfor, in the form of an AI, Pidge manages to locate a transport hub from the various data they have collected. While this transport hub does not provide any information, it is during an attempt to infiltrate a Galra ship that Allura is taken prisoner, which sends the team straight to their enemy’s headquarters.

While the team is successful in retrieving Allura from Zarkon’s grasp, as they flee the battle the wormhole created by Allura to take them to safety is corrupted. This corrupted wormhole destabilizes with the team in it, pulling the lions, with their pilots still inside, from the castle turned ship, and scatters them, to various locations.

Pidge finds herself in a trash nebula, with parts of ships and other machinery, dead, collected together to form a semi-solid, partially gravitated, cluster. It is home to a number of puff ball aliens whom she befriends while she tries to keep herself company, awaiting her friends. During this she uncovers a satellite, which she uses to make contact with Allura, and help her and Coran find the others.

Once the team has been reassembled, they follow Shiro's memories to meet with a Galra who, they learn, isn't an enemy. There Pidge gets to see a functional pocket space dimension, which thrills her deeply and she spends much of the time there trying to learn about it. After Ulaz, the ally Galra, aids the team in fleeing from the Robeast sent after them at the cost of his own life, the group is left to consider his parting message, and what they should do next.

Before they can decide they come across a biological SOS beacon, bringing them to a planet of people known as the Olkari. The Olkari are highly skilled engineers who amaze Pidge, and help her to learn that nature is not that far from electronics, in that it follows very similar structures and paths. It is through this learning that she unlocks a new ability for her lion, which allows for the creation of plant matter in even non-organic sources. While on Olkari she proves that she can also build, from the surrounding plants, a biological battle robot.

She endeavors to learn the Altean language, which helps her, once they leave Olkari, to help find short term replacements for the lenses of their wormhole generator, as she recognizes the words used for this as a component of some 'cookies' Hunk attempts to make. Since they had been attacked and were left with minimal defenses after a wormhole had failed to take them as far from their enemy as they wish, this is actually a very important factor in their survival from yet another encounter with the Galra.

With the others she helps to save the people of Taujeer from destruction after the Galra have stripped all useful supplies from it, at the risk of the lives of all the team members. And then, during a trip to a 'swap moon' which has become something like an Earth shopping mall, she comes across an old gaming system and rare games from Earth, which she and Lance work together to afford before being chased out of the shopping mall under the false assumption that they are space pirates.

Pidge is exceedingly intelligent when it comes to computers and communications, to the point where she has managed to do build a small, portable receiver that can reach as far as Kerberos, and hack into military grade surveillance in minimal time. Sometimes this intelligence shows itself in a quick talking, quicker thinking, but anxious young teen, who has a habit of rambling when nervous. Other times it manifests in the form of a sarcastic tone to those who she knows not only is she smarter than in that matter, but are willing to take her attitude.

She is a very determined individual, and once she sets her mind to something it takes a massive change to pull her from it. She is daring and not afraid to break, not just rules, but laws and even commit what is sure to be felony fraud, if she believes what she is doing is right. She will find any chance she can to pursue said ‘right thing’, from sneaking into a military office, to lying about her identity to join the same military she is trying to find information from, and even spending unknown hours seeking answers to lingering questions.

She is not afraid to be frank and honest, especially around Lance, but even has made some, though truthful, less than tactful comments to Allura. She is also very good at holding a lie, seeming unconcerned when being asked if she has anything special or personal to share with Allura, before she admits to the group about being a girl, and she talks about the strangeness of how she likes peanut butter and peanut butter cookies, but not peanuts.

She is quick and flexible about ideas that she can use to benefit herself and those that she cares about. She also cares about others to the point of working herself to exhaustion in seeing the Galra prisoners healed.

Pidge has little worry for personal space, from climbing on Shiro to using her bayard to zap Lance to get him back for calling it ‘cute’, she does not express worry about physical closeness. This is offset by the fact that she is a very private person on a mental level, having the most difficulty unifying with the other paladins during an exercise meant to allow them all to share their mental presence with each other.

She is quick to anger as well, but her anger seems to be short lived once it’s cause is no longer affecting her. Her anger, once it has had time to settle a little, can be easily defused by logic.
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Just so everyone knows, it is very hard to keep this character spoiler free, so I am creating a permissions post for Pidge, if you wish to be kept Spoiler Free for their story as it exists in Voltron Legendeary Defender please post here so that I can be aware.
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